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Using Mediation To Achieve Better Solutions

In traditional family court proceedings, final decisions regarding property division, custody, support and other matters are determined by a judge. This individual makes these final orders without extensive knowledge of your individual circumstances. As an alternative, family law mediation allows involved parties greater control of the final arrangements.

If you are considering mediation, contact Allison Strauss, Attorney at Law, PLLC. Allison is a premier lawyer in the Kingsville area who is certified to practice family law mediation in Texas. She can help you amicably resolve matters related to divorce, property division, child custody, support and other family law issues.

Guiding You Through The Mediation Process

Mediation is an alternative form of dispute resolution that allows both sides to negotiate toward a common goal. A neutral mediator will act to keep negotiations civil and efficient, guiding everyone toward an outcome that both parties can find satisfaction with. Mediation allows everyone to resolve their dispute in a way that saves time, money and energy.

The effectiveness of mediation has not gone unnoticed by the family courts. Many counties require parties go through mediation before their divorce or child custody matter will be heard in court. It is often the best method for resolution, particularly when legal issues involve children.

Depending on how in-depth your family law issues are, Allison typically offers both half- and full-day mediation options. As the mediator, she will facilitate and guide discussion, helping you reach agreements that meet the needs and goals of your family.

Contact Allison To Mediate Your Family Law Matter

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