Effective Resolutions For Family Law Issues

Allison Strauss, Attorney At Law, PLLC, is focused entirely on family law, particularly cases pertaining to divorce, custody and visitation. Based in Kingsville, Allison works with clients in the surrounding area throughout South Texas.

Allison enjoys helping people reach resolutions that may not have been possible without proper legal representation. She is skilled at helping clients reach agreements regarding property division, custody arrangements and support payments. She is a certified mediator who can help resolve matters through mediation, which usually results in more customized solutions.

Dedicated Legal Representation

Allison has a reputation for being an aggressive and committed advocate for her clients. She keeps her caseload small so she can thoroughly prepare every case and provide ongoing personal service.

In every circumstance, she makes protecting children a priority. She strives to make sure they are emotionally and physically supported regardless of the disagreements between their parents. She also believes in equal rights for both parents and will work to make sure that parenting plans reflect the desires of both parents as well as the children's best interests.

Contact Allison For A Consultation

When dealing with the complexities of family law issues, it is important to have a dedicated, experienced lawyer on your side. Contact Allison to discuss your situation and how she may be able to help. Call 361-488-6007 or send an online message using the form on this website. All messages are returned promptly.