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5 of the most common reasons for divorce in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | Divorce

Everyone considering divorce has reasons for doing so and, for many, these factors are important enough to help them make the tough decision to separate from their spouse.

According to recent statistics, there are one and a half divorces per 1,000 Texans. Here are five of the most common things that Texas couples cite as reasons for ending their relationships.

1. Irreconcilable differences

While a broad term, irreconcilable differences can be loosely defined as any unresolvable dispute between spouses. This can include disagreements over things like life goals, opinions on parenting, long-distance relationships and a work-life balance. Additionally, differences in religion and beliefs are often too broad of a gap for married couples to reach a middle ground and lead many to consider divorce.

2. Finances

Married people often find that they have very different opinions when it comes to spending habits, which can lead to stress in the marriage. For example, thrifty spending may be a priority for one partner while the other likes to spend a little extra for fun.

3. Communication problems

Poor communication between spouses is a common factor in divorce. Often, misunderstandings and frustrations lead to fighting because couples do not communicate effectively.

4. Infidelity

When unfaithfulness occurs, damage to the union is often irreversible. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce among Texas couples.

5. Substance and physical abuse

When a spouse suffers from an addiction and does not receive adequate help or relapses, it can lead to quarrels and abuse, which places significant stress on a marriage and often accelerates a spouse’s decision to leave.

While everyone has different reasons for wanting a divorce, these factors are common among Texas divorcing couples.