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Is wealthier kids’ future more at risk in a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2019 | Firm News

Divorce in Texas can cause some serious financial consequences, and children are not immune from the effects. As part of a wealthier family, you may be under the impression that financial concerns are not an issue and will not affect your children, but this is not necessarily true.

Time explains that your children may have it more difficult in the future if you divorce, despite being in the upper class. This may be because the stability they experienced before the divorce disappears after the divorce and because of all of the disruptions that divorce may cause.

Typical divorce and education statistics

Divorce frequently has a negative effect on a child’s educational future. Children with divorced parents often do not do as well as children whose parents are not divorced. However, when it comes to your wealthy family, you may think that because you have the finances in place that this will not be a problem for your children.

This may be true if your kids were prepared and knew the divorce was going to happen. However, if you hide the issues in your marriage and spring the divorce on your children, then the disruption and the chaos this may cause could have a negative impact.

Make things stable

The key here is that you need to ensure your family is stable emotionally. Sometimes the focus on finances takes over everything else. Since you do not need to be as concerned about that aspect, you can focus on ensuring your children make it through the divorce in a stable and supportive environment.

It does not have to be your child that fails in college and never gets a degree. You can take steps so that your divorce does not interfere with your child’s future by making sure it is not a huge disruption in his or her life.